There is a series of books called Seckatary Hawkins books. My father read these books when he was young and he always remembered them. He wished he would be able to read them to his kids one day and now he is reading to me, but sometimes my brother sneaks in on us and comes to listen too. My Dad found the grandson of the author of these books and emailed him to help us find a copy of the book "Stoners Boy" I'm reading the book "Stoners Boy". It is a book about a group of boys who have a club. These are some of the boy's names, Secketary Hawkins, Jerry More, Dick, Robby Hood, Harold, Oliver, Link, Link's dad, and Stoner's boy. The word seckatary is spelled wrong because Hawkins couldn't spell it right. They made Hawkins the club secretary because nobody else tried to spell secretary right and when Hawkins tried he came the closest to spelling it right. Stoner's Boy is sometimes called the gray ghost because he wears a gray coat, a gray hat, and a gray kerchief that covers his face.

Good Characters:

Seckatary Hawkins
Jerry Moore
Dick Ferris
Robby Hood / Robert Hood
Link and his dad
Bill Darby
Johnny McLarren
Roy Dobel
Little Frankie Kane
Doc Waters
Uncle Locio

Bad Characters:

Stoners Boy
Long Tom
Stoner's gang