1. Bubble Wrap is a fun game where you get to crush bubbles like real plastic bubble wrap. I love that funny sound when it pops. I like to try to beat my best score.

2. D-Deep Sea is so cute! A little puffer fish named Dolo wants to make friends. We need to match the shadows to the sea creatures so Dolo can have friends. This is a good game for kids a little younger than 7 but I think this game is still fun for everyone!

3. Doodle Buddy is where you can draw and stick stickers everywhere. You can even connect with your friends and you can see what they are drawing on their I-Pod, on your own I-Pod. My friend Sophie and I connected once and we had a blast! I think this is a great game and kids all ages should play it.

4. Hang Man is a very challenging game but still fun. I played it with my mother and we had a great time. There are several categories to choose from. The categories are: English, Food and Drink, Fruit and Vegetables, Family, Boy Names, Girl Names, Clothes, Colors, Body Parts and World Countries. Fruits and Vegetables was the easiest and World Countries was the hardest.

5. Lights Out teaches you how to save energy. Here is how you play= you touch the room that the people are in and when they go out touch the room again to turn the light off. It is a very fun game and it teaches you too!

6. Bejeweled 2 is one of my mother's favorite games! She could play for hours! You must match up the gems to clear rows and the more you clear, the more points you earn. It is so much fun and I love playing with my Mom!

7. Gold Rush is very fun. You must dig for fold in the mines and sometimes you get jewels and treasure chests. Some treasure chests have a curse in them which cause rocks to fall and other treasure chests give us gold. Once your bag is filled up you must go up to the shop and return the gold. I love this game and I hope you play it!

8. Oregon Trail is one of my favorite games on this Ipod. I named the father Jody, the mother Helen, the oldest daughter Camille, the young son Luke and the youngest daughter Juliet. They are named after all my family members. The game is about a family trying to get to Oregon. The goal is to arrive in Oregon with at least one other family member before they are carried off by eagles and never seen again. I like feeling what life was like in pioneer time.

9. Water Slide is controlled by moving the Ipod from side to side gently. It is exciting to slide down quickly and try to miss the ducks and crabs. Try to get the crowns and diamonds.

10. APOD shows incredible photos of space. You can pick any date from the past (after 1995) to see a photo from outer space on that day. I have seen pictures of planets, galaxies and even a 3D view of Jupiter's clouds. I think this is the best app on the entire Ipod. It is extremely beautiful and interesting.
11. Tappy Tunes is a game where you tap the screen to make music or listen to music! It is very cool.